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Why you must rent a boat to see all of Mykonos

Mykonos is said to be Greece’s most cosmopolitan island and a whitewashed paradise located in the very centre of the Cyclades. If Greek mythology is your thing then you will be interested to know, the myth is that Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. It is also said that the name ‘Mykonos’ is taken from the grandson of Apollo. Boat hire in Mykonos is the perfect way to see the beautiful island from a different perspective. Whether you’re seeking entertainment of adventure, there really is something for everyone on this special island. This charming island attracts countless Greek and international celebrities who want to participate in its vivid nightlife, and enjoy its wonderful beaches and the breathtaking landscapes.

Little Venice

One of the most famous and charming areas in Mykonos is called Alefkantra, or Little Venice, as its picturesque setting next to the sea is reminiscent of the Italian city. The settlement of Little Venice was created during the 18th century by rich merchants and captains. Visitors will be fascinated to rent a boat mykonos to go by the elegant and beautiful houses with the colourful windows, which stand literally above the sea. One of the best locations in the Aegean to enjoy the sunset.


Peter the pelican was an emblematic figure of Mykonos and a symbol of the island during the 30 years of his life. A local fisherman found it wounded in 1958, and afterwards it was nursed and supported by the locals who named it Petros, from ‘petra‘, which means rock in Greek – petra being the dominant architectural element of Mykonos and the Cyclades‘ Islands in general. Thousands of tourists used to run after the island’s mascot every summer for a picture. To the disappointment of locals and tourists, Petros was killed by a car in 1985 and was mummified in Thessaloniki, according to the decision of the Municipality of Mykonos. Nowadays, three pelicans live in the island of Mykonos, one of which is named Petros to honour the island’s symbol.