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Rent a boat to fully enjoy your holiday abroad

There isn't anything like the wind that whips your hair while you're on your ship's deck, watching the sun slowly descend across the sky, with views of the ocean from all sides. You will find hidden coves and bat groves for a time, and you will explore sunken water wrecks and technical-colored coral reefs. You will snorkel the next time. Following days relax in the sun and the scenery on the deck. For a number of reasons, sailing holidays are great. It is the liberty to go and travel every day to any place you decide; to discover hidden coves and beaches of white sand; and the capacity to speed up-to create a holiday as relaxed or action-packed as you please.

Hire a catamaran or a yacht and experience water luxury

Holidays with samboat are made to measure that, every detail from the catering menu to every stop along the way is as much as you want when you rent a boat. With deluxe cabins and stylish living areas, each ship is large and light. Treat yourself to five stars as you float between islands, avoid crowds and visit private beaches and beaches. You are provided with crewed yacht vacations with skilled skipper on board that means that unless you want, you will not have to raise a finger-and there is no need for a sailing vacation. Just decide where to move up, and relax in the joys of life on the ocean in your sun lounger. We will arrange a stay in one of the boutique island resorts-either before or after sailing, so that you take advantage of island life as well as your seaside activities.

The sea is your bottom

Set sail on the Caribbean Sea, cruise on the Balearic Islands from Island to Island or Mallorca and Ibiza take your luxurious yacht or catamaran in the stunning landscape. Crystal-clear waters and palm-fringed beaches welcome you every turn. Discover untouched beaches and wild, uninhabited islands. Enjoy the sun and amazing views of exotic birds, the black lagoons and the gorgeous rock formations for your days.


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